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Help! I found a lump on my pet

Adviceon August 17th, 2015

In addition to the thorough clinical examinations we give your pet from time to time, you can also help your pet by keeping a watchful eye out for any lumps or bumps.

If your pet develops a lump there are several possible causes. These include allergic reactions, abscesses (common in cats), hernias, and tumours. The most serious of these are of course tumours and these can be further divided into benign tumours – which tend to be slow growing and only locally invasive, or malignant tumours which tend to be fast growing and spread to distant parts of the body.

If you find a lump on your pet it is therefore very important that we examine it as soon as possible – in order that we may establish the underlying cause and start any required treatment without delay. If you are concerned about a lump on your pet – or any other health problem – please contact us today for an appointment.