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In our hospital laboratory we have a blood testing machine for testing internal organ problems such as liver or kidney problems. We also have up to date x-ray equipment, ultrasound, and fully equipped operating theatre. We utilise the same anaesthetic procedure as used on humans in hospitals and all our patients are monitored by highly experienced veterinary nurses, so rest assured your pets in the right hands!

  • Puppy and kitten vaccination courses – we can start vaccinations from 6 weeks of age and get your pet started on a worming and de-fleaing course. Of course this visit is a great opportunity to find out all you need to know about pet owning, training, neutering, worming, feeding etc. Our trained staff can help you with any queries you may have.
  • Annual boosters – this yearly check up gives us a chance to give your pet a good health check to make sure everything is in good order, and give them their booster for deadly contagious diseases like Parvo virus, Leptospirosis and Distemper.
  • Spaying and neutering services – we generally recommend spaying or neutering from 6 months of age, but breed variation, health status, must be considered also. Therefore we recommend a check up prior to arranging this procedure.
  • Dental services – Dental care is not just cosmetic, it is essential for general health in your pet. Properly timed dental care may prevent more serious cardiac and kidney disease.
  • Micro chipping – this is the insertion of a microchip under the skin in your pet’s neck. The microchip contains a 15 digit ID that is unique to you and your pet. You will be placed on the National Register for life, so if your pet goes missing and is checked with a scanner, (which all dog pounds and vets have), your chances of being reunited are allot better. It is essential that all microchip data is kept on a well recognised database, such as Fido.ie
  • Accessories and food – we have a wide range of pet accessories including collars, leads, toys, bowls, and grooming equipment. We also offer a disc engraving service for identification on collars. We stock Hills, Burns, and Royal Canin foods for cats and dogs, these are all top quality foods, and are 100% guaranteed so if your pet doesn’t like it you get your money back.
  • Pet insurance – We strongly recommend that owners take out pet insurance.  Pet insurance gives you peace of mind, so that if your pet requires expensive veterinary care, your costs will be covered. There are currently two sources of pet insurance available in Ireland, Allianz or Pet Insure.
  • Grooming, nail clipping, ear cleaning everything you need to ensure your pet is looking and feeling their best! Grooming prices start from €55 for haircut, nails and ear plucking.

Of course if you need any advice or help with any area of pet problems, you can contact us any time. Just pick up the phone and call us on (01) 679 1975